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Children's Foot Development

We all want the best for our children and looking after their feet is no exception. Your child’s feet are of major importance in all their actions, and at Stepping Stones we want to do all that we can to encourage your child’s foot health and development throughout their early life.

When you think about the physical development that takes place between birth and six years of age, there’s a lot that goes on! At Stepping Stones we stock a wide range of shoes for children at every different stage of their lives, meeting their needs across a wide range of activity, while also supporting the healthy, natural development of their feet.

Foot shape is most accurately dictated by the stage of development your child is at, not by the number of months they have been alive.  Take a look below to determine what stage your little one is at:

Cruising, assisted walking, and walking - crawling on occasion.

First time walkers have a unique foot shape, which is reflected in our range of pre-walkers. They are as flexible as a shoe can get for enabling unrestricted development.

Toddling, walking, running. Confident on their feet

A confident walker has a more developed, but still unique foot shape. Our range of first shoes accommodates this, providing the best possible flexibility whilst adding grip for kids on the go.

Running, jumping, kicking, climbing. Full range of activity.

With even more action taking place into later childhood, a robust, design-led shoe becomes even more important.  We have the perfect range of shoes for meeting the needs of these additional activities.

Expert Fitting

Expert Fitting

Everyone’s feet are unique and therefore measuring is only a guide.  Getting the correct fit is THE most important thing you can do when buying shoes for children.

First class shoe fitting is one of our main priorities at Stepping Stones. In store, our staff are expertly trained to fit children's feet to the correct shoes.

To fit well, a child's shoe should have growing space around the toes, a snug fit around the heel and be adjustable on the instep.

Once fitted, small children should have their shoes checked by a professional shoe fitter every 6-8 weeks. As they grow older, their feet may be checked every three months.

Size Conversion Chart
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