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Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Times Tables
  • Help to learn and consolidate knowledge of times tables
  • 144 reversible chunky magnet pieces - ideal for little fingers to grasp
  • Questions on one side and the answer on the other.
  • Use the included magnetic board and pen to arrange the pieces and write the answers
  • Check on the reverse to see if correct



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Magnetic Times Tables is part of a new range of educational toys which has been designed to encourage children to stay tuned in even when the nature of the game is to learn! In support of early years development, the magnetic times tables pack is colourful, pictoral and educational, designed to help teach children the fundamentals of words and numbers without them even realising it. The magnetic board features questions on one side and the answers on the reverse making it easy for children to check if they have got the answers right, and the wipe-clean board makes it easy to rub out any mistakes and start again without lots of messy crossings out. The Times Tables pack includes a magnetic, wipe-clean board, pen, and activities to help guide children along and encourage their development in basic numeracy.

Activities to try:

TIP: Only use pieces from the tables your child is learning. Start with 2s, 10s and 5s, then move onto 3s, 4s and others. Relax, give it time - it can take children few years to master all the tables.

Quiz: Place pieces from one table questions side up in the boxes on the magnetic board. Write in the answer. Role Reversal! : As above, but show the answers and write in the questions

Flash magnets: Place pieces questions side up on table and try to answer one at a time. Correct answer, stick it on board; incorrect, try again!

Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Times Tables

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